Financial Planning

The Vanguard School community looks forward to the continued partnership with all Vanguard families by bringing new opportunities to our students and the Vanguard community as a whole. Together, we continue to grow and provide core value development, guided social learning, targeted services, and success each year to students who thrive in our diverse learning environment.

We are delighted that our families are invested in Vanguard School and all it provides to the unique community of students. As an independent nonprofit organization, we rely on tuition for a majority of our annual budget. At the time of contract, we provide families with the knowledge of their Tailored Tuition contribution towards our annual financial goals. Additional annual funding is provided by our Annual Campaign, a fundraising event that occurs in the fall, additional donations made to our school from a variety of sources, targeted activity grants, and The Vanguard School Foundation, which assists with financial assistance on an at-need basis for select families and an annual contribution.

Families who feel they may qualify for a reduction, or Tailored Tuition, due to the family's ability to provide partial tuition, should complete and submit their application early for consideration.  The Vanguard School utilizes the NAIS School and Student Services application to provide an impartial third party to collect information and provide recommendations. This information is shared with our Financial Committee and reported back to parents through the Tailored Tuition contract. The 2022-23 academic year applications are now available at  You will select “Logins” on the top right, then “For Families”. Florida state scholarship families may note that these external scholarship amounts are included in the Parent Responsibility portion of their Tailored Tuition.

We thank you for your continued commitment and partnership with The Vanguard School.